Various past projects

(projects before 2015 not mentioned)

Niek KleinJan – Percussion Canon, various percussion solo recordings including video. Have a look (first 5 projects are done by Kleinman Audio):

Willem Brons – Bach WTK 1, released at Eusebius Records

Lodewijk Crommelin – piano solo, music by Griffes & Barber. Released at Future Classics

Kyeong Ham & Narey Park – session recordings at Witte Kerkje Baarn NL (promotional use)

Christiaan Verbeek (composer) & Fuse Ensemble – session recordings at Witte Kerkje Baarn NL (film score recordings)

Damask Vocal Quartet – session recordings at Van Houtenkerk Weesp (promotional use)

Judith Pranger (soprano) & Peter Nilsson (piano) session recordings at Concertboerderij Valthermond (promotional use)

Kluster 5 Ensemble – session recordings at rehearsal space Tarwekamp The Hague (promotional use radio)

Joe Puglia & Asko Schönberg Ensemble – live (premier) recordings of Joey Rouken’s Violin Concerto

Amatis Piano Trio – session recordings at Westvestkerk Schiedam (promotional use)

Cello Octet & Christiaan Verbeek (composer) – music for Dutch film Helium (Gouden Kalf for Best Film Music 2014)

Daniël van der Hoeven – debut CD with music by Bartok & Prokofief, released at Le Classique C’est Chique. session recordings at Chamber Hall Frits Philips Eindhoven NL

TROMP Percussion Concours Eindhoven – live registrations of 2008 and 2010 editions

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