Kleinman Audio primarily focuses on session recordings of chamber music. We’re also fully equipped to facilitate an orchestral or choral live recording.

At walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station we offer the option to record your podcasts and voice-overs at competitive pricing.

Please contact us for our options!

Recording session soprano + piano at Concertgebouw De Vereeniging Nijmegen

Standard setup is a 16 channel recording rig, with 192kHz/24bit resolution.

DPA 4006 (2) – matched pair small diagram condenser (sdc)
Bruel & Kjaer 4006 (4) – all matched pairs sdc
Rens Heijnis/ Sonodore MPM-91 – matched pair large diagram condenser (ldc)
DPA 4090 (2) – miniature diagram condenser
AKG C414XLS (4) – all matched pairs ldc
Warm Audio WA87 (4) – Neumann U87 remake ldc

DAV Electronics BG2 (4) – hand-built Decca heritage preamps 16ch total
Bechmark Media ADC16 – reference grade 192kHz/24bit ad-convertor
Lynx Hilo – reference grade 192kHz/24bit da-convertor
Benchmark Media DAC1 (2) – reference grade 192kHz/24bit da-convertor
Focusrite D16R – Audinate Dante based audio network
Soundskulptor MC624 – high end analogue monitor controler

DAW and monitoring:
Merging Pyramix DAW – industry standard for classical recording and postproduction
ATC SCM20 studio monitors (postpro)
Kleinman Audio Model 3 main monitors (postpro)
ATC SCM10 studio monitors (location)
Spectral DMA-100S (postpro) and Hypex (location) power amps 
Sennheiser HD800S, HD600 and Stax Lambda Nova headphones

Kleinman Audio/ 7 Mountain Records editing suite (located at Amsterdam North district)


Typical control room setup (MCO Studio’s Hilversum)