Classically trained pianist Frerik de Jong studied BaMu Music Registration at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. After graduating in 2008 he initiated Kleinman Audio (a small joke about being over 2 meters tall), offering independent facilities for recording and editing classical music. Without exception, all musicians house a vibrant world of musical ideas. Capturing them is Kleinman Audio’s goal.

Frerik/Kleinman Audio takes recording music as a real craft. Furthermore, Frerik is convinced attention for the human being who is performing is crucial. Re-adjusting a microphone or choosing an even more refined pre-amp doesn’t make up for a musician who is not feeling comfortable or (worse!) understood. Hence Frerik came up with a holistic approach in which musicians are challenged but also heard. Their input and musical ideas are the start of every co-operation.

Recording session cello & piano at Westvestkerk Schiedam (NL)

Musical and of course also technical knowledge is key, but a recording producer should have a musical taste as well. Sharing ideas always freshens up a performance! As many musicians working with Frerik like to say: ‘he feels like an extra musician brought to our group.’

Only recording is not the entire story. All those precious takes need to be shaped and refined to form a musically coherent narrative during the postproduction. This is a solitary and often intense process, considered by Frerik as an important artistic part of a recording project.

Usually a full-length CD comprises hundreds of edits (transitions between takes). One could argue the soloist or ensemble wasn’t able to play the music properly, but that’s actually never the case. Musicians can amaze you with new perceptions and interpretations. A session recording, capturing the musical performance in parts, is very well suited to reveal these ideas, if guided by a skilled recording producer. It’s no exception after four profound days in a church or studio there are hundreds of takes, all safely snatched on a hard drive.

Notes made during session recording of contemporary sax & piano piece

Assisted by a sophisticated way of notating remarks in the scores and cutting-edge ‘source/destination editing’ audio software, Frerik dives into those takes. Later on, together with the artists, further refinement will round of the editing process.

With his vast experience and well-trained ears, it’s fair to say Frerik levels with the very best in his league concerning the editing of classical music recordings.